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"Each Hemp seed is a prayer, a song, a promise, to health, independence, and freedom."

I see a world with hundreds of millions of Hemp acres, evaporating that 1% THC, or sticky Trichomes, into the atmosphere. Each, in turn, naturally attracts and captures their quota of now abundant natural and "dark C02" molecules. They are returned to earth and buried in the next rain. Affording the world a beautiful, lush green bounty for all species who share this planet and ever will.

Hemp for the community, economy, health and nutrition.

As Hemp did for the American revolution, so will it spark the "Industrial Hemp Revolution". Farmers will set communities free from the "Toxic Oil Monopoly" in that each community can provide all their transportation needs with "net neutral fuel" from Hemp. That’s epic on it’s own, but now imagine the riches gained from at least 250,000 eco friendly and nutritious products Mom & Pop business will produce in and for their respective communities. Local banks then become the economic power base for the rebuilding of the U.S. infrastructure and economy.

It all begins at the local level and moves exponentially into the international consciousness. Hemp is the mechanism that has historically supported truly free societies, in mind, body, and spirit.
We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what Hemp offers the ecology, economy, and nutrition.
Eight days in a South Carolina Jail

Earth’s number one, renewable resource for paper, fabric, fuel, food, medicine, nutrition, and Sacrament.

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